About MCUboot

MCUboot is operating system and hardware independent and relies on hardware porting layers from the operating system it works with. Currently MCUboot works with both the Apache Mynewt, and Zephyr operating systems, but more ports are planned in the future. RIOT is currently supported as a boot target with a complete port planned. MCUboot is an open governance project.


The issues being planned and worked on are tracked using GitHub issues. To participate please visit MCUboot Issues on github.

About membership and how to join

Companies and other organisations who adopt, deploy or contribute to MCUboot are invited to join the MCUboot community project. Membership of the project is open to all and governance is overseen by a board of Member representatives.

To join the project, the company needs to sign and return a copy of the Membership Agreement and pay an annual fee.

MCUboot and Linaro

Membership of the project is independent of membership of Linaro. Linaro provides governance, hosting and other services. Project charter